David-Huy Nguyen

Position: Clinical Fellow

Email: David.Nguyen [at] ucsf.edu


I have had a longstanding interest in the intersection of engineering and immunology with applications in preventing and combatting infection and modulating the immune response. I completed my PhD in the laboratory of Robert Langer and post-doc in the Langer and Daniel Anderson labs at MIT working on nanoparticle lipid and polymeric materials for delivery of nucleic acids with applications as vaccines and vaccine adjuvants. I then moved to Stanford, continuing to study immunology with David Lewis while pursuing a medical degree. I completed medicine residency training at UCSF and am now a clinical and research fellow in the Division of Infectious Diseases at UCSF. I joined the Marson Lab in summer of 2016 to work on modulating immune responses at the molecular and genetic level. In my [limited] spare time I’m playing soccer, watching movies, or trying to cook.