Cody Mowery

Position: MD/PhD Student

Email: Cody.Mowery [at]

I was born and raised in the Los Angeles area and ventured further south to UC San Diego for college. While there, I began my research career working in Dong-Er Zhang’s laboratory, looking at how GM-CSF alters the course of myeloid leukemias developing from the fusion protein AML1-ETO. Upon graduating and coming to terms with leaving my beloved home state, I began a two year stint working with Andrew Lane at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Broad Institute in Boston. My research there revolved around how triplication of chromosome 21 predisposes patients to various hematologic malignancies (but is protective against solid tumors). It was in Boston that I first garnered interest in functional genomics and computational analyses, interests that are shaping my graduate research. Now, after finishing two years of medical school, I am excited to begin my graduate work at the intersection of computational biology, immunology, and synthetic biology under the joint mentorship of Alex Marson and Jimmie Ye.