University of California, San Francisco
513 Parnassus Ave.
Health Sciences West
San Francisco, CA 94143-0534
Lab: HSW 1033
Office: HSW 1053
(t) 415 502 2611
(f) 415 731 3612
alexander.marson [at]


We are located at the Parnassus Campus on the 10th floor of the Health Sciences West (HSW) and Health Sciences East (HSE) buildings.

Once you enter the main campus doors from Parnassus Ave., walk about 20 meters and take the elevators on your left to the 10th floor. Once you arrive at the 10th floor, turn left onto the long hallway that runs beside the elevators.

Walk to the end of this hallway (passing through the double doors). Directly in front of you would be Health Sciences East (HSE). Taking your first available right just past the double doors, you will pass a second set of elevators (on your left) and a large window (on your right). Enter the main doors and you will be in the Health Sciences West (HSW) building. Take a right once you enter HSW, and follow the hallway.