Edward Marsh

Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow

Email: Edward.Marsh [at] ucsf.edu

I arrived in San Francisco via England, Seattle, and then New Haven, where I completed my PhD at Yale University in the lab of Valentina Greco. There, I applied the lab's techniques of mouse intravital 2-photon imaging of epithelial cells towards the dermal fibroblast population. We discovered that mammalian fibroblast cell bodies remain in a stable position over the lifetime of the individual, and are lost and not replaced during aging. In contrast fibroblast membrane projections are dynamic and homeostatically extend to fill spaces created from lost fibroblasts (Marsh et al. Cell. 2018). I joined the Marson lab in October 2019 in order to advance our understanding of engineered T cells in the live mouse context. Outside of lab, I enjoy computer programming and my wife and I grow vegetables, compost, and have other random DIY hobbies.