Franziska Blaeschke

Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow

Email: Franziska.Blaeschke [at]

I studied medicine in Munich, Germany, and obtained clinical training at the University Clinic of Tuebingen and the Dr. von Hauner University Children’s Hospital Munich. After completing my MD thesis dealing with TCR-transgenic T cells against bone tumors, I recently focused on the interaction of T cells with leukemic cells and on engineering T cells to treat pediatric leukemia. I joined the Marson lab in early 2019 to learn non-viral genome editing/ functional screens and to broaden my understanding of T-cell biology in the context of solid and liquid tumors. Besides research and the clinical work with the small patients, I love traveling, dancing, a glass of good wine and the Oktoberfest (kind of combining all of the aforementioned).

Landscape of stimulation-responsive chromatin across diverse human immune cells.
Calderon D, Nguyen MLT, Mezger A, Kathiria A, Müller F, Nguyen V, Lescano N, Wu B, Trombetta J, Ribado JV, Knowles DA, Gao Z, Blaeschke F, Parent AV, Burt TD, Anderson MS, Criswell LA, Greenleaf WJ, Marson A, Pritchard JK. Nat Genet. 2019 Sep 30.