Ian Vogel

Position: Research Technician

Email: Ian.Vogel [at] ucsf.edu

I graduated from McGill University where I studied international agriculture and food systems with a focus on health & nutrition. I went on to complete a masters in bioresource engineering focused on waterborne infectious diseases, before joining an immuno-parasitology lab at McGill where my research was on arginine metabolism and its role in regulating macrophage and t-cell function. I first came to UCSF in 2016 as a member of the Center for Parasitic Diseases in Judy Sakanari’s lab, where I was part of a team conducting drug efficacy studies in order to combat the causative agent of lymphatic filariasis, Brugia malayi. I’m excited to be joining the Marson lab where I’ll be leveraging crispr technologies to investigate the metabolic regulation of t-cell function. Outside of the lab I enjoy being in nature, particularly whitewater kayaking.