Shane Vedova

Position: Research Technician

Email: Shane.Vedova [at]

I graduated from UC Berkeley in May 2019, finishing up with a major in Molecular and Cellular Biology (emphasis in Genetics/Genomics) and a minor in Philosophy. I’ve conducted miRNA research at the National University of Singapore under Vincent Chow and further developed my genetic interests at the Altius Institute for Biomedical Sciences in Seattle under Jeff Vierstra, where I worked to characterize the genetic factors governing erythropoiesis through the use of CRISPR- & TALE-based epigenetic silencing of regions of interest. Following these experiences, I joined the Marson lab as an undergraduate researcher with the knock-in team during my senior year at Berkeley. I’m excited to be continuing with the lab for the next few years before applying to graduate school.

In my free time, I enjoy playing piano and guitar, producing music/audio engineering, traveling, snowboarding, going to concerts, and spending more money than I would like to admit on overpriced beer.