Sid Raju

Position: Bioinformatics

Email: Siddharth.Raju [at]

I graduated from Emory University in 2016 with degrees in Applied Math and Physics. While there, I worked in the lab of Alexa Mattheyses, with whom I developed imaging and analysis techniques to study specialized cell-cell bindings called desmosomes. In the year following my graduation, I worked as a project manager for Epic, a tech company in Madison, WI which provides an enterprise suite of medical software for hospitals and clinics. I am happy to be back in research, and am now working jointly with the Marson, Spitzer, and Ye Labs to develop computational tools for single cell RNA-seq experiments. I have no background in immunology and haven’t taken biology since 11th grade, so every day is a new adventure. I’ve lived in 7 different places over the past 23 years (and 3 in the past 2), so there’s a good chance I’ve lived near you at some point.